GIS Products for Utilites by VertiGIS

VertiGIS has a deep understanding of the workflows within utility companies – based on two decades of experience in the market. We closely cooperate with our customers in terms of product development, thus considering their requirements right from the start.

Our main goal is to adapt our software to the business processes and not vice versa. Therefore, the integration ability with other key systems in utilities is of major importance to guarantee a smooth workflow. Add to this the professional applications for mobile use of Geodata, Web and Portal solutions, comfortable work feature – and all this based on the worlds leading GIS base technology by Esri – and you by best of breed.

Your Advantages

  • One single component based architecture
    • Configurable: Only buy what you need
    • Scalable: The customer can grow and expand
    • Use of standards and complete system openness
  • Easy to implement, maintain, customize
    • Embedded utility engineering knowledge
  • Easy to integrate with external IT systems
    • SAP, DMS, SCADA and many more
  • Workflow oriented GUI reduces amount of mouse clicks by 80%
    • Stand-alone attribute editing module allows synchronous/asynchronous data capture
  • The UT for ArcGIS Product Suite helps cutting costs
    • Minimizing customer specific development reduces risks and maintenance costs
    • Efficient workflow oriented user interfaces save data entry and editing costs
    • Integrated network planning and network calculation improves and speeds up the planning process
    • In connection with SAP, you can manage maintenance and inspection data with network objects and prepare and optimize repair processes