UT Pro – Roadmap for UT for ArcGIS

The UT for ArcGIS roadmap continues with the development of UT Pro based on ArcGIS Pro. The transition to ArcGIS Pro will be finalized in 2021. UT Pro Editor will enable the new Esri ArcGIS Utility Network Extension.

ArcGIS 10.2.1 Desktop Support for Utilities until 2021

For utility and telecom customers Esri has committed to support ArcGIS 10.2.1 Desktop until 2021. Special „Utility & Telecom Update Patches" (UTUP) are released for version 10.2.1.  This guarantees a stable basis for our customer support and their product maintenance. UT for ArcGIS 10.2.1 R3 is fully in line with this policy: we have released our desktop product for ArcGIS 10.2.1 and we have only released UT Server for use with the most recent ArcGIS Enterprise versions.

UT for ArcGIS 10.6.1

VertiGIS has been closely following the further development of ArcGIS beyond the special utility and telecommunication version 10.2.1, ensuring compatibility of the UT for ArcGIS product line with all versions up to the current 10.6.  When ArcGIS 10.6.1 becomes available in summer 2018, we will release a UT for ArcGIS version of our desktop products that runs on both ArcGIS 10.2.1 and ArcGIS 10.6.1.  This will give our customers the option to choose whatever they deem best for their specific IT context.

VertiGIS will support both 10.2.1 and 10.6.1 until their respective end-of-life dates (June 2021 and January 2024) allowing for a smooth transition to the Utility Network based UT Pro.

UT Pro based on ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro is a new High End Client in the ArcGIS Desktop Suite. UT Editor, which currently builds on top of ArcMap, is rebuild to work on top of ArcGIS Pro under the new name UT Pro. Over the last years, we have been in close contact with the Esri Development Team to prepare the transition of UT for ArcGIS from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. Important capabilities of UT for ArcGIS were incorporated in concepts for the new ArcGIS Utility Network Extension.

VertiGIS will release UT Pro in different steps until 2020/2021 over the modules for Viewing, Planning and Design and Editing:

  • UT Pro View (2018) for Viewing functionality.
  • UT Pro Plan (2019) enables Editing functionality for UT data without network topology. With this „LITE“ version it will be possible to create, update and delete UT objects.
  • UT Pro Edit (2020/2021) is going to enable full Editing of topological networks based on the Utility Network.

From Geometric Network to Utility Network

In the current ArcMap based UT for ArcGIS, the topological network connections are managed by the Geometric Network in the Esri software fundament. With each editing operation in UT Editor, the topology is updated based on connectivity rules that are applied by the geometric network. In ArcGIS Pro the concept of the geometric network is extended to the new ArcGIS Utility Network Extension. ArcGIS as a Web GIS Plattform requires for topological connections to be managed through web services. The geometric network was not designed for such a requirement. The new Utility Network is completely web enabled through web services. As a result, the Utility Network is only building its network topology based on very few feature classes.

Over the configuration, there may be multiple Utility Networks for different domains. Differentiation for Type and Subtype of objects is now handled through special attribute as „AssetGroup“ and „AssetType“. Connectivity rules at the level of subtype-to-subtype are now possible with the new Utility Network. A topological connection between points and lines that do not exactl coincide geographically is now possible with the new Utility Network. UT for ArcGIS Networks use the topological information of the Utility Network and features that are edited with UT Pro Edit are automatically connected correctly due to the link between UT Editor and the Utility Network.

UT Data ETL – Data Provisioning for Mobile and Pro

For UT Pro and the Utility Network, existing network data have to transform into the new structure of just a few feature classes. VertiGIS offers a new product UT Data ETL for its customer base to enable this data transformation. Primarily, it enables the necessary simplification of the UT data in a new Geodatabase. The new data structures are not only necessary for the Utility Network, but also for the use of new mobile ArcGIS Runtime Apps from VertiGIS. Transformation means that UT Information that would be divided over multiple tables is now handled in one feature class over the use of multiple attributes. Parallel to the data, the UT Data Model Repository also transforms „from old into new“. The end users won’t even notice the difference when they look at their attribute data, because the attribute forms will look exactly the same, even though the data structures have changed dramatically. This transition of utility network data is essential for Esri’s new Web GIS.

Will it be possible to transfer edits made by UT Pro Edit or by UT Mobile for Runtime back into the ArcMap based “system of records” environment? Yes, UT Server can do the job for UT Objects and our UT Integrator with the right configuration will work for any kind of Esri based geodatabase. Especially for our Planning and Design solution, UT Pro Plan, it will be quite easy, since there is no topological network to take care of. For changes made to the network with UT Pro Edit based on the Utility Network, we foresee this kind of back transfer only on a project specific basis.



User of the ArcGIS Desktop software that are current on maintenance, are in principle allowed to use the ArcGIS Pro software. Some of them already use ArcGIS in parallel to ArcMap as a new and additional high-end GIS client. ArcGIS Pro, as well as the new ArcGIS Utility Network Extension require a Level 2 Named User License for the Esri Software. The transition of your UT Editor licenses into UT Pro Editor can be handled in the context of your current maintenance and support contract. You may procure UT Data ETL as a new product over the regular channels.