Digital Topographic Maps

Use with permission of LGLN

The digital topographic maps (DTK) describe the surface of the earth in its natural structure and in its forms created by human action. In comparison to other maps it represents the interests in the earth surface in a neutral way. The digital topographic map is the basis for many cartographic uses, such as bicycle- and hiking trail maps.

Many Federal States of Germany use software products from VertiGIS for the maintenance, the update and information dissemination of the digital topographic map. These are based on the current standard ATKIS® (Official Topographic Cartographic Information System), defined by the Working Group of the German Surveying Authorities (AdV) as an adoption of international standards.

The creation and update processes for the digital topographic maps are manifold. The most efficient processes are based on a common update mechanism of both the digital topographic map and its related landscape model or the automatic, cyclical generation of the maps using the processes of model and cartographic generalization. Please contact us for further details.

In the area of generation of city maps, also the digital topgraphic maps are required.

VertiGIS provides expert knowhow and software modules especially in the area of automatic generation of topographic maps based on the mechanisms of cartographic generalization and of landscape model generalization. We have many years of experience of implementing this in Esri software and have standard software components for this.