Standard Land Values

Standard Land Values

Information System on Standard Land Values

Standard land values are indicative price values for land parcels which are being established based on collections of real estate transactions, and under consideration of the different development conditions according to the relevant construction laws and regulations.  The land parcel values are established by the committee of valuation experts and are classified into zones with similar values. The standard land values are an important tool when it comes to land transactions or planning of any kind.

Several Federal States of Germany use software products from VertiGIS for the maintenance, the exchange and the publishing of the standard land values in the Internet. These are based on the new standard “Linked Standard Land Values Information System” (VBORIS), defined by the Working Group of the German Surveying Authorities (AdV) as an adoption of international standards and of the German regulations on standard land values (BRW RL).

VertiGIS provides expert knowhow in the area of defining the requirements for implementing information systems on standard land values and implementing these in Esri-based software on an enterprise level for the different client types.

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