Generalization and Schematics

Many utility companies do not only work with the as-built map, typically captured at a scale of 1:250 or 1:500. They are also in need of an overview map, which is readable at scales of e.g. 1:2000. This is what we would call a geo-schematic overview map. Map generalization, i.e. adaptation of a map starting from large scales (e.g. 1:250) to go to smaller scales (e.g. 1:5000) to create a geo-schematic overview map, is one of the most complex GIS tasks. UT Generalization is an interactive tool to extensively automate this process.

If the user wants to create an orthogonal schema of the network, the use of Esri’s ArcGIS Schematics Extension is recommended.

It is important to recognize that the software algorithm from UT Generalization or ArcGIS Schematics will create new geographic representations of each network asset. However, each asset is the same network object, and therefore, if users click on a network asset in the overview map, they will get the same unique set of technical attribute data.