Real Estate Information Systems

Real Estate Information Systems

Real Estate – its Digital Documentation by VertiGIS

The administration of real estate properties is usually the task of the cadaster authorities of the public sector. These data are maintained and made available within the official cadaster information system (in Germany it is called ALKIS). The real estate properties of larger companies or administrations such as e.g. the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn) or the army (Bundeswehr) are maintained in separate geoinformation systems. To be able to model the often complex structures, an efficient system for the creation, maintenance and information dissemination is required.

The product suite VertiGIS LandManagement (LM) fulfills these requirements.

A good example for the use of VertiGIS LM in this respect is the administration of the real estate of the Federal Republic of Germany. LM is the real estate information system for the outdoor facilities, named LISA and used since many years for this purpose. These real estate properties are managed by the building authorities of the federal and state governments and made available to the German army. The data are captured in a uniform way according to the regulations of the building surveying regulations (BFR Verm). The basis is a norm-based data model according to German and International standards.

The software components LM Editor, LM Server and LM View are used for this. The web services are OGC compliant.

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