High-Precision Plotting

Exact, to-scale and vector-based plots are even in today’s digital age still a highly important requirement. Templates for the plots can be prepared by the administrator, but can be adapted by the end-user. Templates may include many elements like e.g.

  • Area for company and user information, where the alpha-numerical information may be filled in dynamically
  • Area for legend
  • Coordinate grid
  • Coordinate labels at the side of the map
  • North arrow (rotates according to the map rotation)
  • Map insets
  • Other custom information (e.g. street index)

Administrators may prepare as many templates in the formats and sizes as required by the end users. Templates are stored in the database and may therefore be used by all clients (desktop, smart desktop, web) in the same way. In case you use the standard Esri print drivers, then all formats (e.g. PDF) available can be checked on www.esri.com.

In case you use our WMPS print server, then the output formats PDF, TIFF, PNG as well EPS, JPG, BMP, SVG, GIF and EMF are available.

In case further, extended plotting and output options are required, then the advanced VertiGIS plot server may be set up: A large number of other plotting output formats are available like e.g. DXF, FRAM, HP-GL/1, HP-GL/2, JPEG, OCE, PCL, PS, Shape, SVG, or TIFF. A web-based module allows a convenient administration of the plotting queue, plotting tasks and plotting output devices.