Server based Network Planning and Calculation

Planning engineers within modern utilities need to have a way to quickly create planning projects and scenarios. Furthermore, the technical and financial feasibility of the planning scenarios needs to be evaluated.

The UT Server extensions PLAN, EDIT and NCS (for network calculations) meet these requirements: Through the web-based architecture they are quickly available to many users as the UT Smart Apps PLAN - CALC - EDIT.

Some of its key functionalities:

  • Display of inside plant schema in separate window
  • Managing the normal status of switches / valves
  • Server-based network calculation
  • Creation of new projects and their scenarios
  • Storing network calculation with each scenario
  • Bill of materials for each scenario
  • Rich export functions for more in-depth, desktop-based analyses


UT Server Extensions

EDIT - Switch

PLAN - Network Planning

CALC - Network Calculation