Pan-European virtual hub facilitates use of open data

Pan-European virtual hub facilitates use of open data

The pan-European Virtual Hub (pEVH), developed as part of the European project ENERGIC-OD, simplifies the use of open spatial data for all users, and especially for SMEs. It is a central access node to a variety of records. It connects large open data platforms and also offers added value such as semantic recognition for multilingual metadata and data format harmonization. The pEVH services are accessible via a geoportal developed by ESA, standard services, and developers via dedicated developer APIs.

The basic features of the pEVH will be available to all users for free, while some premium features will be accessible for a nominal fee. The pEVH will be operated at least until the end of the year 2020 and should close the gap in sustainable business models around open data and launch research-driven project results on the market.

In addition to the realization of the Virtual Hub, AED-SICAD has developed a new mobile app "eye2eye" in the project, which aims to improve the possibilities for citizens to participate in land consolidation procedures. Citizens have the option of commenting or exchanging views with the administration and other stakeholders. Thus eye2eye promotes and enhances the transparency and agility in the land consolidation process and offers new possibilities of mobile information and participation.

In the current issue of zfV (3/2018), a technical paper entitled "ENERGIC-OD. How to integrate data sets with the Pan-European Virtual Hub and the app eye2eye.

The ENERGIC OD Project (European Network for Redistributing Geospatial Information to user Communities - Open Data) is a Pilot action part-funded by the European Commission’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program 2007-2013.

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