Join us at the International SAP Conference for Utilities

Join us at the International SAP Conference for Utilities

We are exhibiting our cutting-edge products to integrate SAP and GIS

We are delighted to be sponsoring the International SAP Conference for Utilities, due to take place on April 17-19 in Lisbon, Portugal.

AED-SICAD will be present with a booth to showcase at this event again its cutting-edge solutions and standard software components for integrating SAP and GIS. Putting intelligent maps into the SAP GUI and keeping all data in sync between SAP and GIS is managed by standard software components and this at reasonable pricing.

As part of the Conference, one of the leading German Multi-Utilities, EnBW ODR, will give a presentation about "Integrating the GIS into the SAP GUI at a German Multi-Utility". They are using since many years ArcGIS and UT for ArcGIS from AED-SICAD to document and analyze their assets, and they also use SAP on the asset management side. For certain workflows, an early registration of assets within the GIS is required for greater visibility within the company, but the workflows do typically start in SAP. For example, for applications for solar panels, or also simply for applications for a new service point “electricity” or “gas” or both, the SAP is the first system to learn about this. With the new front-end integration, SAP users can now use a geo-tab within their SAP GUI to automatically position (i.e. draw) e.g. the solar panel application or the new service point according to the address. The SAP System sends while saving the transaction a SOAP request to the SAP certified UT Integrator to automatically create or update the object in the GIS. According to the status of the application in SAP (also automatically synchronized to the GIS using the UT Integrator), all GIS users can immediately recognize, where solar panels or service points are planned, and according to the status-dependent symbology deduce in what state the application is.

So – do not miss this exciting event !

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