International SAP Conference

International SAP Conference

AED-SICAD exposed its expertise and experience in integrating GIS and SAP

AED-SICAD has a long-standing expertise of integrating GIS and SAP systems. With the UT Integrator, AED-SICAD provides a standard EAI tool for SAP / GIS system integration. AED-SICAD delivers back-end system integration for near real-time data synchronization between SAP and GIS, and several types of front-end system integration for excellent workflow integration and unified front-end GUIs. Many large, international utilities use the integration components from AED-SICAD in production use.

As an SAP Application Development Partner it was thus a natural choice to make this expertise available to more utilities by exhibiting at the partner fair of the prestigious International SAP Conference for Utilities 2016, which was celebrated this year in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Many international utilities took the opportunity to discuss with AED-SICAD staff the possibilities of the UT Integrator, which currently is also undergoing certification by SAP.

Mr. Tantzky, GIS Manager from German Utility Albstadtwerke also presented their way of using the UT Integrator in integrating SAP / PM and ArcFM UT and thus greatly facilitating especially the maintenance process. The presentation was highly acclaimed.

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