AED-SICAD Receives Award from Esri Inc.

AED-SICAD Receives Award from Esri Inc.

Esri Inc. has awarded AED-SICAD the certificate of the Utility Network Specialty Program. As a partner in the Utility Network Management Specialty, AED-SICAD is recognized for its expertise with utilities and the implementation of solutions or services using the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension.

For inclusion in the Specialty Program AED-SICAD had to

  • submit a business plan for the implementation of the utility network;
  • prove at least two customer references for the implementation;
  • have successfully trained employees and set up a training program for further development;
  • commit to providing Esri with development and customer projects feedback for the further development of the Utility Network;
  • submit a marketing plan for the utility network rollout and
  • offer market-specific solutions that include the Utility Network.

From now on, this AED-SICAD qualification is also stored in the Esri Partner Directory.

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