AED-SICAD presents WebApp for ENERGIC OD

AED-SICAD presents WebApp for ENERGIC OD

The EU funded project improves the participation by citizens

AED-SICAD has developed in the frame of the EU project ENERGIC OD the App „eye2eye“. It allows citizens to actively participate in land consolidation processes.

„Innovative and mature“: Thus was the evaluation by representatives of the European Commission and project partners for the prototype “eye2eye”. The AED-SICAD AG from Bonn had developed this App in the frame of the EU funded project ENERGIC OD (European NEtwork for Redistributing Geospatial Information to user Communities - Open Data) and presented this beginning of December at the “Technical review”.

The EU funds with ENERGIC OD a project, where partners from university, from industry and from the use and application of geo information work together to integrate the most diverse sources and infra structures to create added value. The App “eye2eye” is part of this project. It shall improve the possibilities of participation of citizens in land consolidation processes which are based on the land development information system (LEFIS). eye2eye gives users at any time and especially also in the field a comprehensive overview on the planning status. The citizen has here the possibility to add comments or to exchange information with the public administration and other stake holders. Thus eye2eye promotes and advances the transparency and the agility within the land consolidation process and offers new possibilities in the mobile information and participation.

The EU representatives and the project partners were enthusiastic about the under lying concept and the mature functionality and evaluated the App as innovative and mature. Especially the connection of data from land consolidation with any OpenData data sources has been highlighted positively. Also the possibility of the user to exchange with the public administration geocoded comments was very convincing for the experts.

The App „eye2eye“ has been implemented currently in pilot status by AED-SICAD within the country of Brandenburg jointly with the Ministry for rural development, environment and agriculture and the union for land development and consolidation Brandenburg. The solution shall be developed further as an innovative basis for Apps in the area of land consolidation together with the LEFIS users.

The ENERGIC OD Project (European Network for Redistributing Geospatial Information to user Communities - Open Data) is a Pilot action part-funded by the European Commission’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program 2007-2013.

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