AED-SICAD at International SAP Conference für Utilities

AED-SICAD at International SAP Conference für Utilities

Great Interest in UT Integrator 10 from AED-SICAD

International SAP Conference in Lisbon ends with record attendance

With a record attendance, this year's International SAP Conference for Utilities in Lisbon is closed. More than 600 participants met from April 17 – 19, 2018 to discuss innovative solutions and standard software components with SAP for utilities. 

Visitors at the AED-SICAD booth experienced live how intelligent integration of maps into the SAP GUI and the synchronization of all data between SAP and GIS can be achieved easily and at a reasonable price. In many conversations, many visitors were convinced by the application possibilities of the UT Integrator as an ideal solution for the synchronization between SAP and GIS.

 One of the leading German utilities, EnBW ODR, took up the topic in a very vivid and practical way during the conference. In a lecture with the topic "Integration of the GIS into the SAP GUI at a German supplier", the company presented its solution. The lively discussion following the presentation and later on at the AED-SICAD booth again highlighted the urgency of the topic for all utilities. EnbW ODR has been using ArcGIS and UT for ArcGIS from AED-SICAD for many years to document and analyze assets. SAP is also used on the asset management side. Certain workflows require early registration of assets within the GIS to increase visibility within the enterprise. With the new front-end integration, SAP users can now use a geo-tab within their SAP mask to map the requests to the underlying address. The biggest advantage of this integration is that now GIS and SAP assets are fully referenced to each other, which gives them many advantages in terms of combined reporting, thematic mapping and more efficient processes.

 The UT Integrator 10 is now also available in the SAP App Center. The SAP App Center gives customers real-time access to partner solutions that can be used to extend SAP solutions. Visitors to the site can gain an overview of all partner solutions and even win something! Recently SAP launched the Golden Egg Contest on the SAP App Center. Whoever finds it has the chance to win $ 150.

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