Maintenance and Qualification of Data Modelled According to ISO 19100

LM Editor is a product suite based on ArcGIS for Desktop Standard to maintain and qualify data which are in line with the standard ISO 19100. With the LM Editor, you receive a comprehensive product package, for all tasks regarding collection and quality check of geodata. In addition to the numerous import and export functions (GML, DXF, DWG, TIFF, Shape, etc.), the package provides a complete cadastral and topographical data editor, as well as surveying calculation functions and comprehensive routines for the quality check of the captured data.

A central and customizable workflow management system supports and guides the user in his specific tasks. Single work steps and their results are stored homogeneously and can be re-accessed and continued. Each workplace can be optionally completed by further extensions, e.g. enhanced survey calculations, property data editor, control point data editor, as well as a topographic-cartographic component for smaller scales.

LM Editor is in operation in many local, regional, state and federal authorities. Currently the following extensions are available: