Land Development/Consolidation

Land Development/Consolidation

Land Development and Consolidation: LEFIS

Proceedings for the reorganization of land parcels according to the applicable laws are an important tool for the rural development. These offer the possibility to improve the often inadequate infrastructure, to consolidate and re-organize property and thus to improve the competitive edge of farmers. These proceedings for the reorganization of land parcels are also used in the case of land use conflicts, such as e.g. use for agriculture against legal claims from the area of e.g. water resources or protection of the environment. Furthermore, so-called company proceedings are used to be able to implement area-wise large infrastructure projects such as e.g. the construction of a road, of a railroad or of flooding protection measures using the same proceedings for the reorganization of land parcels. These proceedings target to avoid expropriation of property or to at least compensate these by reconciliatory or refund measures. The planning but also the implementation of these proceedings is the task of the land consolidation authorities.

In Germany, it was decided in the year 2000 to introduce a new Information System for land consolidation, called LEFIS. This was specified using object-oriented data storage based upon the latest version of the German Standard for cadaster (AAA), defined by the Working Group of the German Surveying Authorities (AdV) as an adoption of international standards.

In the frame of an administrative agreement, the Federal States of Germany Brandenburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt joined to arrange together for the implementation, the use and the maintenance of a software solution LEFIS. The Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia joined this group by now as an associated state.

After an European tender VertiGIS received the contract to build such a solution in Nov. 2011. The solution has been accepted and is currently being rolled out to the member states.

VertiGIS therefore offers a unique expertise and powerful software modules to solve land consolidation requirements also on large scale, i.e. nation-wide, level.