Introducing Successfully INSPIRE

The INSPIRE Directive

INSPIRE (INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe) regulates all over Europe the provision of diverse geographic information in a unified understanding with the help of standardized services with high availability and performance. The INSPIRE directive entered into force in 2007 and is also binding for Germany and thus was implemented in German law. On the basis of the INSPIRE directive spatial data holding places in Germany and all other countries are obliged to provide INSPIRE compliant data on given themes based on view and download services. This includes geodata such as addresses, parcels and transport networks, which must be available by the end of 2017 in a INSPIRE compliant data model. By the end of 2020, the implementation of the INSPIRE model of geo data is required for data themes such as statistical units, land use and energy supply networks.

Our Range of Solutions for a Successful Implementation

VertiGIS has developed a solution environment with which a production environment for INSPIRE can be placed from the first step of the data transformation up to the fulfilment of the quality of service requirements. In addition, VertiGIS offers training courses for the practical implementation of the directive, with which the necessary background information and valuable experiences are mediated.

Technical Realization

The implementation of the INSPIRE requirements takes place in a multi-step process:

As a first step, the existing geodata is transferred into a database with an INSPIRE - related database schema. The transformation of the data is done with the tool FUSION Data Service. The necessary control files, containing the transformation rules, are supplied by VertiGIS. These control files can be extended, so that the transformation process can be customized by our customers to meet individual requirements. VertiGIS accompanies this process and provides specialist support. Through an ongoing exchange of information with our customers the quality of the converted data is ensured and the customizations can be included in the product.

In the second stage the INSPIRE services are published. Starting from the database created in the first step, the required viewing services (WMS) and download services (Atom Feed / WFS) are published and described with metadata (data with information on the services). The publication of these services can be carried out with different products, each supported by VertiGIS practically and technically. Mainly the ArcGIS for Server extension ArcGIS for INSPIRE from Esri and open source products come to use in this step.

After the data were transformed in an INSPIRE-compliant manner and the required view and download services have been published all the conditions are fulfilled for the implementation of the INSPIRE directive. To satisfy the "quality of service" - requirements of INSPIRE, now the production environment must be designed with care. This concerns in particular the necessary hardware components, as well as performance measures such as the development of appropriate service caches and the like. VertiGIS offers the necessary support through full technical project steering as well as consulting, training and technical support.

INSPIRE Case Study