Creos integrates GIS and SAP with UT Integrator

Creos integrates GIS and SAP with UT Integrator

UT Integrator from AED-SICAD connects IT systems

Creos Deutschland GmbH has successfully implemented its maintenance system based on SAP/PM. Since years, UT for ArcGIS has been used as the basis of the GIS.

As part of a project with ConVista Consulting AG, AED-SICAD GmbH has implemented the system integration between the GIS and SAP/PM systems used at Creos. The integration platform used is the UT Integrator from AED-SICAD. With the UT Integrator, a consistent database is generated and ensured across systems using the GIS and SAP/PM. There is also the possibility of integrating further Creos IT systems in the future.

In addition, GIS map information and GIS functions were integrated directly into the SAP/PM for optimum process support. In addition, all network objects relevant for maintenance in SAP can be immediately displayed in the plans.

Creos Deutschland GmbH supplies more than 2.7 million people in 500 towns and communities in the Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate with its 1,700 km long high-pressure gas network.

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