AED-SICAD organizes in-house Hackathon

AED-SICAD organizes in-house Hackathon

Establishing Creative Space for New Ideas

Brooding, probing, rejecting, and disputing again: In Oct 2017, 37 employees of the AED-SICAD AG met for a hackathon. The objective of the gathering was to develop within 24 hours new products and new approaches around the topic “Open”. “A hackathon offers the ideal platform: Away from the everyday work, colleagues may develop creative visions for our digitized world across departments”, agree the organizers Markus Reuter and Michael Müller.

Eight different teams worked on selected innovative topics and finally presented remarkable results to the jury. Accordingly it was very difficult for the jury members to select the winners.

At last, the “Chatbots” were excited to receive first prize. The group built a communication model using the Amazon Skill Builder. It allows the end user to order a cadastral map for a given address using the Alexa Voice Service. The map is delivered in the form of a hyper link via PDF. In second place were the group “Change Detection”: They implemented the detection of indicators for changes in ALKIS land use and building objects (ALKIS is the official German cadaster standard) starting from aerial and satellite images using three different methods. Furthermore, an exceptional prize was awarded for the group “E-charging station”. They focused on the use of open data as another information source for the determination of potential locations and prognosis for the power requirements of charging stations for electrical vehicles.

The participants, the organizers and the management were extremely happy with the event and delighted with the results which were reached with this very creative format.

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