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International SAP Conference for Utilities

International SAP Conference for Utilities

In 2019, the international SAP Conference for Utilities will be celebrated in Milano, Italy. AED-SICAD, as a SAP Business Partner, will be exhibiting at this important event again with a booth. It will showcase its certified solutions to integrate GIS with SAP. Both backend (keep the databases in sync) and frontend (unified GUI) integrations will be shown.

AED-SICAD has a long history of integrating SAP and GIS, and thus a tremendous amount of experience. Many of AED-SICAD’s customers use the UT Integrator to create efficient workflows spanning over SAP and GIS. Do not hesitate to visit us at this important conference.

Westnetz GmbH, the largest DSO in Germany and AED-SICAD customer, will be presenting during this conference the paper “The Data Perspective: Added Value of Tight GIS – SAP Integration” which will highlight various GIS – SAP integrations in their workflows.

We are looking forward to meeting you there! If you would like to schedule a meeting, please contact sales@aed-sicad.de.

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