GeoShop – Sales of Large-Volume GeoData

The Sales System

The publishing of geodata for the purpose of its sales generates specific challenges. Geodata are typically large-volume data, and its processing is a challenge in terms of volumes and time. Furthermore geodata always have a spatial reference, and therefore usually only a product name with its article number is not useful, or only in combination with a spatial selection possibility.

Furthermore the calculation of the price for the ordered data and its payment as well as a reliable and efficient shopping basket systems need to be implemented. For these requirements, VertiGIS has built the solution GeoShop. 


GeoShop allows the ordering of large areas of geodata. Geodata are either listed or presented as maps within an intuitive and easy-to-be-used web order client.  The client chooses the desired product, the area and some additional parameters such as data output format and spatial reference system and places his order into the shopping basket. In case the geodata are not for free, the price including any discounts is displayed right away. In case an external e-payment system is attached, the customer may now check out and pay his products. Otherwise he will receive an invoice.

Once the possibly required payment has been done, the geodata product is being produced on the server side and made available in the web client. The customer will receive updates on its order. Once the products can be delivered, the client can download these via a comfortable http download.

For the geodata production process on the server side, the web order system (WOS) of VertiGIS and further server products are used.

Web Order System (WOS)

The web order system (WOS) provides to web-based sales systems the function and services to be able to produce and provide geodata. WOS orchestrates not only the order, the production but also the delivery process. This includes also the sending of the order and delivery confirmation email to the client, the controlling of the relevant production services which produce the desired raster and vector data and the making available of the digital products via a download service.

An integrated order database allows the exact controlling of the order and delivery process as well as the automatic re-start of an interrupted production after a possibly system outage. And of course the integration of external e-payment systems is possible.