Geodetic Control Stations

Geodetic Control Stations

Basic Data Foundation for Surveying Authorities

The state surveying authorities have according to the relevant state laws the task to define the spatial reference by a uniform geodetic reference system. It must be possible to define any position therein according to position, altitude and gravity. This spatial reference must be made serviceable by geodetic control stations, which are connected within networks for position, altitude and gravity with each other and which also can be found in the terrain. 

The data, which describe these geodetic control stations from a technical point of view, are maintained and updated as official evidence for the spatial reference within the Official Geodetic Control Station Information System (AFIS).

Several Federal States of Germany use software products from VertiGIS for the maintenance of the geodetic control stations, based on the standard AFIS defined by the Working Group of the German Surveying Authorities (AdV) as an adoption of international standards. The product components LM Editor, LM Server and LM Web all have integrated specific functionality for the representation, maintenance, update and output of the geodetic control station points.

VertiGIS provides expert knowhow in the area of defining the requirements for geodetic control stations and implementing these in Esri-based software on an enterprise level and rolling it out to large (often at national level) customer sites.