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Improving the Quality of your Network Data

Improving the Quality of your Network Data

Data Quality Management

The quality of network data is critical to efficient enterprise business processes. Especially if data are being imported from legacy systems, quality issues start playing an important role.

UT Data Quality Manager (DQM) is an extensible, rule-based test tool that provides an easy way to implement quality control strategies. Customized tests can be set up. For example, the following tests can be done:

  • Line must be connected with node (display all lines with open end)
  • Check if all required fields within an object are present
  • Attributes must have matching types
  • Attributes must reference to existing columns within the database schema
  • Etc.


Rules - Data - Checks

The assets to be checked may be selected interactively within the map, collected via tracing or other kinds of spatial analyses. Once the rule and the data set have been defined, the checks can be executed. The result(s) of the check is returned in various forms:

  • An informative window, detailing in a message the discovered violations, its severity and its location
  • Logging files
  • A work order list: For each defect, the GIS expert may zoom to it, fix it and close the incident.

UT Data Quality Manager can be run within the UT Editor GUI, it can be run as stand-alone program and it can be run in batch to execute many analyses, e.g. over night.


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