Digital Landscape Models

Digital Landscape Models

Digital Relief of Earth's Surface

Digital Landscape Models (DLM) describe the landscape and the relief of the earth's surface in the form of topographic objects. The data are held by the German state and are offered as a paid service or are even sometimes freely accessible. These data form an important basis for many different tasks starting from planning processes to recreational citizen activities.

In many Federal States, the VertiGIS solutions are used for the management, update and information provisioning of digital landscape data. These solutions are based on the current German Topographic standard ATKIS (Authoritative Topographic Cartographic Information System) which is defined from the Association of German Surveying Authorities (AdV) and based on international standards (ISO, OGC). The nationwide data of the basic DLM from the different Federal States are merged at the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG). This data is transformed to a uniform spatial reference base and distributed from there. The DLM data is available nationwide.

Current topics in this area are for example:

  • Providing highly up-to-date data through efficient collection procedures, for example through topographic specialists or a topographic reporting system for everyone (crowd-sourced data)
  • Quality assurance offensive (Q5) by comparing the geodata with the real world. This is done e.g. by comparison to satellite data (Copernicus land monitoring service  - Change Detection)
  • Harmonization and vertical integration with the data of real estate cadastre (ALKIS)
  • Separation of land cover and land use