Data Conversion and Migration

Data Conversion and Migration

Migration and Transforming of Geo Data is a GIS Core Competence of our Company

Producing Quickly and Efficiently Geo Data for your Business Processes!

Today, a lot of business processes cannot be imagined without the use of geo data. The efficient access and the availability of geo data in the different specific structures and formats guarantee the smooth flow of business processes and working steps.

Since decades VertiGIS disposes of this specific know-how and offers extensive professional services to migrate the required geo data into the respectively required target format and structure. This way the geo data can be optimally integrated into your business processes.

We migrate, transform and shape geo data so that these are ready for use. We use standard tools such as e.g. the data hub Feature Manipulation Engine (FME), Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) or FUSION Data Service (FDS).

Your Geo Data are Our Passion

You may plan a change in GIS system, the integration of external geo data into your process environment or a data migration we will support you to adopt the data without loss.

We are able to execute tasks like

  • Migration, refinement or re-structuring of data
  • Integration of external data,
  • Creation of structures better suited for your applications,
  • Execution of data consolidation,
  • Homogenization of base maps,
  • Creation of a geo reference,
  • Generalization and aggregation of data,
  • Quality assurance or
  • Coordinate transformation

in the highest quality independent of the complexity of the underlying geo data.

We fulfill complex data conversions or migrations with our topnotch trained Professional Consultants in the area of extensive data structures at utilities with very high requirements in terms of process integration or in the area cadastre and topography data. Many tasks in this environment are solved by us with the internationally renowned tool Feature Manipulation Engine (Spatial ETL tool) from Safe Software Inc..  We have FME Certified Professionals and our teams have decades of project experience in the area of data migration and conversion. Our working approach is pragmatic and creative and with this we create efficient and agile solutions for your requirements.

Data conversion and migration requires methodological and technological know-how from mathematics, computer science, and specific knowledge regarding geo data. Our teams have this knowledge and can thus reach the desired success for you. A large number of successful references and projects corroborate our capacity in this area. Examples are:

  • A large number of internationally renowned utilities such as RWE, EnBW or Mainova
  • Federal State of Lower Saxony (migration of cadaster data)
  • Federal State of Hamburg (migration of cadaster data)
  • More than 20 local authorities and districts in the federal state of North-Rhine-Westfalia, such as e.g. Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, Kreis Lippe, Kreis Coesfeld and many more (migration of cadaster data)
  • Approx. 10 federal states of Germany (migration of topographic data)
  • Federal States such as Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the area of land consolidation

Besides the above topics we also offer solutions to make available your geo data within the context of INSPIRE according to the regulations in an efficient manner. Please contact us, we will have the right solution for you.