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Course Name : AS-UT-FUNCTION
Title UT for ArcGIS Functionality

UT for ArcGIS offers a wide range of functionality for documenting data in the electricity, gas / water and district heating utilities. At the beginning of the course you get a solid overview and a good introduction to the architecture, the concept and functionality of ArcGIS. This course focuses on those aspects that are relevant for users of UT for ArcGIS, and represents an extract from the subject of the ArcGIS introductory course. First you learn the funcionality to navigate, then you learn to analyse the details of the data. E.g. you learn network tracing in order to find crucial data. The second part introduces tools to create new data and to redesign existing data. You will be acqaintes with the functions for generating graphic data and attribute data. The course will use sample data and a sample configuration.
How to customize such a configuration to your individual needs, is the subject of follow-course UT configuration.

Participants Users   Software consultants   System administrators  
  • ArcGIS Architecture
  • Display of GIS data
  • Analysis of GIS data
  • Introducton to System philosophy and architecture of UT for ArcGIS
  • Datamanagement
  • Dataselection
  • network tracing
  • Map output
  • Dimensioning
  • Introduction to net objects
  • Edit net objects
  • Manipulate net objects
  • Attribute data
  • Plant schematics
  • Basic objects
  • Basemap
  • Exercises
Duration 4 days
Price on demand
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