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Course Name : AS-UT-ADMIN
Title UT for ArcGIS Administration

UT for ArcGIS offers a wide range of functionality for documenting data in the electricity, gas / water and district heating utilities. This course treats the installation and update of a test or a productive system with UT for ArcGIS. Furthermore it focuses on all needed SW-components and how to operate, handle and keep them performant in productive use.

Participants Software consultants   Software developers   System administrators  
  • Installation
    • Architecture of the system
    • Hardware & Software requirements
    • Installation desktop
    • Installation database
    • Installation license server
  • Licenses
    • UT components
    • Trouble-shooting
  • Geodatabase
    • ArcGIS-Versioning
    • Installation of ArcSDE
    • Database requirements
    • Installation of an Oracle-database
    • Installation of UT for ArcGIS – special configuration
    • UT for ArcGIS database-schema
    • UT Quick Start (Schema Tool)
  • Administrative tasks
    • UT registration tool
    • Concept of authorization
    • UT configuration / database of configuration
    • Backup of database
    • Housekeeping tasks
      • Oracle database
      • ArcSDE
  • Exercises
Duration 2 days
Price on demand
Course sequence

Requirements: Basic knowledge of ArcGIS

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Start on demand
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