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Course Name : AS-ARCSDE
Title Introduction to ArcSDE

This course treats the architecture and the basic concepts of ArcSDE. It addresses both users and managers of large GIS installations, who want to get a deeper understanding of ArcSDE. This course also teaches the basics which are necessary for people who want to develop solutions or need this knowledge as basic for further training in ArcSDE administration tasks.

Participants Users   Software consultants   Software developers   System administrators  
  • ArcSDE overview
  • ArcSDE data model
  • Upgrade of version
  • Installation and configuration of a geodatabase
  • Making connections
  • Storage of geometric and attribute data in a RDBMS
  • Data modell for vector- and raster data
  • Loading vector- and raster data from ArcSDE
  • Handling of ArcSDE data in multi-user environments
  • Introduction in non-versioned changes
  • Versioning (system tables, administration, handling)
  • Historical versions (archiving)
  • Replication
  • Performance notes
  • Exercises
Duration 3 days
Price on demand
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Requirements: Introduction to ArcGIS

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