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Course Name : AS-ARCGIS-Server
Title ArcGIS for Server – Functionality and Administration

ArcGIS for Server allows the use of different maps, models and tools in existing workflows. With help of server-based GIS functionality the access on diverse GIS-data with common Desktop GIS, Web Browsers and mobile devices will be made possible. This course focuses on the basic functionality and components of ArcGIS for Server and how to build up and publish data. You will learn which additional benefits you get on e.g. ArcGIS for Desktop.

Participants Software consultants   Software developers   System administrators  
  • Functionality of ArcGIS for Server and services
  • Providing and publishing ArcGIS for Server services
  • Types of ArcGIS for Server services and funtionality
  • Working with ArcGIS for Server services in ArcMAP
  • Administration, configuration und optimizing of ArcGIS for Server services
Duration 2 days
Price on demand
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Requirements: Basic knowledge of ArcGIS

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