Web-based Construction and Dimensioning

Web CODI (Construction and Dimensioning) has been specifically built and designed to support the processes of construction and dimensioning also in the web.

The following functions are available:

  • Dimensioning: With a minimum amount of clicks, a house can be given its dimensions, or newly planned service line connections can be constructed based on e.g. field measurements.
  • Construction of points through CAD-like tools: A variety of tools are available for construction of new points, e.g. line parallel with a distance, construction by arc intersection etc. The newly constructed points can then be used for redlining.
  • Redlining Functionality: Users can enjoy the simple drawing functionality of point, line, polygon and annotations. Objects with pre-defined attribute values may be organized in a gallery. The data can be stored directly in the central geodatabase.

All data can be stored locally or in a central geodatabase and they may be used for further processing in the UT Editor, in the UT Asset Manager or in your UT Server Webclients, e.g. for further planning.