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Successful Implementation of UT Product Suite at Mainova

Successful Implementation of UT Product Suite at Mainova

AED-SICAD introduces a modern network information system

The Frankfurt-based Mainova AG, in collaboration with Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH, has successfully completed the conversion of its geographic network information system from SICAD/open to the UT Product Suite. After a complete restructuring of the IT project for the migration, the Bonn-based AED-SICAD GmbH could complete the transition  project of the old IT application on time within a three-year project period and within a highly complex and integrated environment.

With this new network information system based on Esri technology, Mainova now has an application which supports many enterprise business processes. Besides the documentation of the as-built network and the publishing of geodata, these are especially the processes network planning, sales, surveying, real estate management and outage management. The UT platform as it has been implemented at Mainova with Editor, Asset Manager and Web is used by more than 700 persons from 20 different company units of the Mainova Group.

During the implementation of this project, it was confirmed again that professional project management is the key to success in implementing complex IT systems. Especially in the definition of the business requirements new ground was broken: The benchmark for the project content was not the specification coming from the old system but rather a survey of the concrete, GIS-related specific tasks across all business units. This way in Frankfurt am Main the former list of 900 functions could be reduced to just 34 individual developments. The UT Product Suite, the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) standard application from AED-SICAD, could cover the great majority of all requirements.

A professional project organization, a well-functioning quality assurance and a risk management established from the beginning were the basis for the successful execution of the project. The close cooperation of all project participants and the project management which was endowed with equal rights, helped to remove quickly all blocking points and thus to not lose any precious time.

An important part of this project was the migration of the data from the old system to an UT geodatabase. This included several terabytes of raster data and about 100 gigabyte of vector and alpha-numerical data. An important aspect of this migration was to fulfill the requirements in terms of accuracy when changing from the Gauß-Krüger coordinate system to UTM and in terms of completeness (network length, asset numbers). Besides the migration of the network data, also the processes for the incorporation of the official German base map (ALKIS) from the German states Hesse, Bavaria and from the city of Frankfurt on the Main were implemented.

Today one may safely call the network information system at Mainova as a GIS with one of the highest penetrations into all departments at a utility. The data of all branches are available in digital format. And thus there is hardly a department, which does not have access via Web- or Desktop products to the manifold information layers. Furthermore the real estate management and even the check of high pressure gas lines from the air are supported using the UT asset manager.

In parallel to the implementation of the new network information system, the internet-based information service “Click-Before-You-Dig” for the legally binding network information for construction companies, planning engineers and for internal stake holders has been created and put into operation.

With the change to the UT Product Suite a much higher level of standardization has been reached. This allowed for straight-forward implementations of comprehensive system integrations and data interfaces to third-party IT system like SAP, Maximo, PowerFactory, LuxData and Autocad. “With UT from AED-SICAD and the base system from Esri, we have conceived and implemented in just three years a future-proof and standard solution for the asset management of the network operator. We will now continue to expand this solution in our user community and will integrate it with a new maintenance software. Thus all asset and technical data are now structured in a new and clear way”, says Philipp Lübcke, head of IT at Mainova.

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