More than just Network Documentation

The UT for ArcGIS Product Suite is built and designed to manage your company assets through their entire life cycle. Different modules of the entire solution can be used at the different stages of the utility asset life cycle:

  • Capturing data in the field
  • Documenting the network
  • Viewing & analyzing the network asset data
  • Operating the network with accurate GIS data
  • Handling maintenance of the network and its devices
  • Planning network extensions and managing scenarios
  • Supporting the as-built process
  • Integration with other, mission-critical IT systems

UT Products are in available in different languages, e.g. German, English, French and Arabic.

Utility Asset Lifecycle

Components of the UT for ArcGIS Product Suite are at your disposal in different combinatios during the Utility Asset Lifecycle.

The full blown UT Editor for your network documentation.

The UT Asset Manager as a llightweight standalone desktop product with very powerful functions for Attribute Editting, or for Working Mobile in the field.

Planning capabilities are available through all components from Desktop to Server.

Your GIS is not an island, it is in connection with other systems permanently. The UT Integrator creates, maintains and manages these connections to other Enterprise Systems in your Organisation, e.g. from SAP through SCADA Systems to Document Management Systems.